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The gospel and welfare should walk hand in hand

Indonesia is a country with Muslims as its main religion, but it is more open than some places where it is more rigorous and has no religious freedom. It can allow other religions such as Buddhism, Christianity and so on. This time, because of the need for filming, the missionary has made many preparations for us beforehand, so I can talk to some outstanding Christian and institutional leaders to help us understand the needs of the "Solar Act Organization."

Although religion is relatively open in Indonesia, there are still many challenges and pressures to be faced in churches, Christian schools or orphanages. First of all, to get the signature support of the entire community, no matter how many shops and residents in the district (fortunately, most of the houses are mainly bungalows, and there are few high-rise buildings), they must be approved by the majority of the people before the government can consider them. However, after passing these levels, it is not necessarily fully grasped. Take the schools in Bintan Island as an example. Muslin threatened to burn their school buildings, so they should retire and squat. The principal also said that he had been mistreated in the school festival. Other schools had three chances to get the best results, but they only had one time, which was very unreasonable. The president of the orphanage told us that whenever I worship my neighbors in the morning, I will use stones to break into the courtyard to destroy them. Usually, the children in the courtyard are not very friendly.

We have visited Muslim schools, and the children are very warm and friendly and courteous. Moreover, the school buildings are clean and tidy, and the government has subsidies for tuition fees. Therefore, if Christian schools are to attract Indonesians to participate in the study, they must redouble their efforts in many aspects. Because there is no government funding in addition to the mainstream beliefs, readers must pay tuition fees. It will become a burden on many Indians in the economy. Most of the Christians we have seen in Chinese are Chinese brothers or native Indonesians. It turns out that Chinese people do not want to enter Islamic schools because they believe in Buddhism, and most families have money, so they do not care about tuition fees. However, most of the local students are reserved for the poor by the principal. There is also a particular case where poor people tend to ignore children. In the future, some do not have a birth paper for their children. Because they have no identity, they are entirely unable to attend public schools. However, the background of students is mixed, so teachers with love and ability are in great need to pass on the perfect spirit of Christ.

The difficulty of the orphanage is even higher. We have visited beautiful and simple leaks, but the internal problems are the same, that is, children's emotions, very unstable, and difficult to discipline. Stealing money, fighting, lying, and lying apart, the co-workers must have not only love but also spiritual wisdom.

Therefore, in places where the religion is not open, it is necessary the gospel and welfare should walk hand in hand. It is required to give Muslim that Christians are kind, caring, and will contribute to the local community without creating disputes for the region. Christians will bless you and help you to attract others with love instead of forcing others to believe.

The poor people's thinking is more practical, who can help who is a good person, so they are easily confused by heresy, or because of their ignorance or vicious behavior, many times there will be domestic violence or damage to marriage, making more for the next generation. The misfortune. For the poor, we must teach them not to rely on knowledge alone to get rid of poverty but also rely on the gospel because only Jesus can change human life.

After this in-depth visit, we are more affirmed and admire the commitment of the local church and Christians. Due to the government and regional Mu-Min, overseas aid is very much needed and urgent. Offshore funds, prayers, and skills training can create more platforms for local believers and open more gospel doors, and local believers can more effectively contact and feed the lost sheep.

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