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I want to study

I met Miah because of the missionary's invitation.

Miah wants to study, therefore the missionary inquiries to our "Solar Act Organization," exploring the sponsorship possibilities?

Miah is of Chinese descent, but the family is impoverished. Although the Indonesian Chinese holds 40% of the country's total wealth, many Chinese are struggling to survive under the poverty line. By studying at Miah's case, we may understand the causes of such "inter-generational poverty."

Miah has two brothers and a mother, her father died a year or two ago. The mother does not have a job for she needs to take care of her children at home. The family income depends on her older brother entirely. They are currently living in the boss's house, but the environment is ancient. The most beautiful part of the house is the wall because it is made of bricks and looks very solid. There is no furniture, and the whole place is only illuminated by a few small bulbs. Miah cannot enroll in a free public school. It is because Miah does not have an identification card which is a must-to-have document if to study. Second, even Miah's family does not want Miah to be educated in Islam-based schools, like most of the Chinese. With all these reasons, Miah goes to no school even she is at the age of 8.

Why doesn't Miah have an I.D. card? It is because poor people will not like to spend money and time at future investments. The daily hardships are already too much to burden them. So for Miah, her future will be a no identity person and can only stay in the home village. If she is lucky, she can find some non-skillful work and earn some money, otherwise to marry someone and to stay home being a housewife forever. "Inter-generational poverty" is formed by those deficient thoughts, and such beliefs pass from generations to generations.

"Solar Act Organization" is willing to subsidize Miah to study in private Christian schools, but we must have Miah's mother promises to apply an I.D. card for her. We set the time allowance to be one year, and if the condition cannot be met, the sponsorship will be waived. We hope such a requirement can draw the family's close attention and put into action that Miah can soon have her identity and so she can proceed both her education and life in a proper way.

There are many poor people in the world, and the causes are complicated. We believe one of the most apparent reasons is due to the "poverty thinking." People only address the present needs than the futures. However, we Christians are different from secular. We are only travelers in the world and have still faith for the eternity. Why is the gospel good news? Because, except the eternal life, we also have victorious life on earth and that we can love and be loved, have the strength to overcome hardships and unfavorable circumstances. This amazing grace is given by Jesus to all classes regardless of backgrounds, knowledge or abilities. The grace is not by our work, it is only by acceptance in faith through Jesus Christ.

Are you willing to pray for those who are both poor in health and spirit?

"The one who has mercy on the poor is to lend to the Lord. His good deeds will be repaid by the Lord." Proverbs 19:17

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