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We've been forgotten.

One night we invited two missionaries to dinner. One has been serving in Indonesia for 12 years, and the other has served in Thailand and the islands for 15 years and is exploring the possibility of continuing to serve the Muslim community in Riau island. Dinner was a joy, and we shared a lot. But when the conversation turns to the church and the family, the atmosphere is a little different.

"I was forgotten by the church," the missionary said. Another said, "Not just the church, but the family." 」

The two missionaries have worked on the front lines for more than 10 years, but only for the first two or three years, they have been loved by care. As the days took a long time, their appearance was also misty. What's more, if there is a change in church management, they are forgotten faster. Yes, missionaries will come back every three years, stand at the pulpit or enter the cell groups to share, but when personnel changes, all relationships, all trust, and love will need to be rebuilt.

About individuals and families, because many years outside, a lot of time can not participate in family gatherings, holidays together, or care for patients and deceased family, and so on, slowly the family also forget themselves, no longer be seen as a member of the family!

When I wrote this, I remembered two emotional letters of the apostle Paul to Galatians and the Corinthians. The letters referred to Paul's surprise at what had happened to the church, as well as the feeling that they had quickly forgotten him. But Paul did not lose heart, for his faith and strength were in the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Lord continued to give him power.

We understand the need to focus on the Lord Jesus, not on the environment and not on anyone. But why should missionaries endure loneliness, isolation and still being measured by the standards of the world?

The Lord Jesus builds churches on the earth and gives us every gift through the Holy Spirit for us to strive to work for the Kingdom of God.

Matthew 24:11 says there is many calling, but less is chosen. Jesus pointed out that the road to the kingdom of Heaven is narrow and lacks the workers. Although there are called workers, how much can adhere to the end, and strive to complete the entrusted? I and Ruden are grateful for being sent by the Lord to support missionaries, and we pray that the work we make will serve as a bridge between front-line and the rear sides. Share resources and messages effectively with God's intelligence. Ask the Holy Spirit to help every warrior and make them more power to move on.

God, please have mercy on the earth, compassion for the people you have not got, compassion for the hurt missionaries, and forgiveness of our laziness. Amen.

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