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Today I Cry

In this afternoon I learn what sorrow is. Does poverty, illiteracy or sickness mean sorrow? No, it is the heartless, the negligence and being valueless.

In Indonesia, the Chinese are the minority, and many of them are living well. But still there are exceptions, for instance, the two families we visit today one is Chinese, and one is Indonesian, but the complicated Chinese situation breaks my heart!

The Chinese family is of a little girl whose study is sponsored by the mission house, and she lives with her grandma. Their “home” is a 50 sq.ft. partitioned room. Kitchen and toilet are shared, but conditions are horrible for places are full of flies and many mouses. The girl is at primary two, brilliant and beautiful. Her hair is neatly tied and colored with different ribbons. I can tell she receives excellent care and love from her grandma, but they both are underweight. Later I learn that the girl is abandoned by her parents, mother left her and father remarry. No one gives any money to this family, and their rental fee is supported by another good heart neighbor. Father is very poor and will occasionally visit the little girl, but do not stay long because his second wife is not happy with his visit. Worst of all, the father neglects the girl to the extreme that till now her birth certificate has not been settled and that brings significant inconveniences to the girl.

Fortunately, the girl is sponsored and able to study in a Christian school, she also gets free tutorial service by our missionaries after school; indeed she and her grandma are covered by the love of Christ. So, even from her broken original family, she can still smile.

The second family we visit is the Indonesians who live near the roadside, this is our second visit since last Christmas. This time we are fortunate enough to see the parents and the sponsored boy, who is now studying at the Secondary two. The boy has a target to be a pastor when he grows up. He was converted from Muslim to Christian. His parents told us that they would support whatever suited and did well to him. Being a pastor was also glory for them. The visit is full of joy, and we prayed together before we left.

To me, both families are poor. They all live under privilege, and the environment is filthy. But the difference is poverty will not destroy one’s heart, and at the specific case, it would be a motive to strive for prosperous. But being abandon, ignored, neglected, are the most destroying weapons, particular by parents. The poor boy he can still laugh because he knows his parents love him and they are protecting him. They would be proud of him and share his achievements. But the little girl she is not only deficient in living but also her little heart. I cannot imagine what her face would be when she sees her father leave and are not of her? I cannot understand how her parent could be that iron heart? I cannot foresee what the little girl will be if Jesus does not come to her?

Mercy, Father! Forgive our sin, protect our hearts. Help us to love You and others more. Save us from our self-destructive characters and to heal our wounds by the precious blood of Jesus. Amen.

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