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Missionary and the little girl

"Then we'll never see each other again! ' It's not what couples say when they break up, it's a 10-year-old girl abandoned by her mother who roars at her mother on the other side of the line through an electric microphone. The Girl Jia Jia's heart breaks, she does not understand why the father died, the mother does not continue to take care of her, choose to follow a man and put her in the care of an older and incapacitated grandmother. The mother does not give a penny to support their living expenses, Now they live in terrible board houses, home rentals, food, tuition, clothes are all dependent on volunteer donations. The developing Jia Jia is very thin due to lack of nutrition and has recently suffered damage to her eyes and need long term medical care. The school urges Jia Jia to hand in the identification documents, but the mother, again and again, warfare her request, so Jia Jia thinks the mother is determined to refuse her, does not recognize her, so what is the meaning to meet? In a deeper sense, Jia Jia now put off all the desires to see her mother again. She firmly says to herself, "give up!"

In Batam Island, Indonesia, Jia Jia is not a unique case, there are many poor people here, but the government is not supporting enough, and because it is a Muslim environment, it is very cautious about foreign investment or charitable activities, so there is a lack of charity or private fundings. The missionary house's policy is that every family can have one child be sponsored and in education only. But policy is policy, missionary loves Jia Jia, she shepherds her, teaches her, prays for her. The missionary will also attend when there is a need for the school or when Jia Jia has a performance. God bless the little girl, so her funding is more stable, and whenever money is in need, God also supplies with extra.

We took the little girl to the playground accompanied by the missionary, we ate KFC, pizza. When Jia Jia read the menu, her eyes were wide open, full of joy and excitement. After she led a grace prayer, she drank a mouthful of chocolate milk, really make us cry and laugh. On the way home, she took turns dragging each of us, although our language did not pass, I said in my heart: "Understand! Jia Jia works hard, and boldy walk for your future. Depends on God entirely and He will for sure lead and guide. Your future will be beautiful and bright!"

The local missionary with Jia Jia is young, at the early of 30 years old and unmarried, but God gives her a divine motherly love. In addition to taking care of Jia Jia, she also runs different schools, and as a volunteer teacher, she leads tutorial sessions too. She teaches and often uses biblical verses to support people. Our couple is grateful for we are often inspired and encouraged by the missionary work and her love to God and people.

Come, let us love the missionaries more, and learn from them how to commit ourselves to God, and strive to use the gifts and talents that God has given us in the Kingdom. If we Christians can unite, shine together, and bring light to the darkness, then we have the power to change the world, but not to be led by the world helplessly! Amen!

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